Isola Pro FX. Experience a new level in AI based audio stems separation in real time.

Isola Pro FX is an innovative VST plugin for separating audio input material into its stems like vocals, instruments and even drums. Unlike many other products using cloud-based online AI methods, Isola Pro FX works offline in real time !

So the great advantage compared to state of the art products is the fact, that you can do an audio stem separation within your DAW on-the-fly without using any online cloud service. The tool is not restricted to vocals only but can even extract single instruments like drums, bass and piano from an audio mix.

It is even possible to route the extracted stems into your DAW to separate mixer channels for individual post-processing!

Isola Pro FX reveals new capabilities to you in creative audio processing:

  • Isolate vocals from songs where the original tracks have been lost and use them in new remixes.

  • Create high quality instrumentals out of WAV files for karaoke sessions.

  • Extract instruments like fast guitar solos out of dense mixes to learn the single notes.

  • Get the drum loops out of cool old songs and use them in new arrangements.

  • Get the best quality compared to online cloud-based solutions - use local lossless WAV files instead of up- downloaded MP3s.

  • Extracted drums, vocals and instruments can be routed to different channels and directly be remixed in your DAW.

Please read also the user manual for a detailled description of the available functions.

Listen and watch yourself!


The current release of Isola Pro FX 3.1 has been tested on Microsoft Windows 10 and macOS 12.6 (64 bit) and comes as a VST2.4 plugin. You have to buy an activation code to unlock the demo version, otherwise the audio output is muted every few seconds. But we strongly recommend that you install it prior to buying a code to check if it is compatible with your DAW and your OS. Feel free to contact us if you experience any problems installing it.

Purchase information.

Isola Pro FX 3.1

VST plugin for Windows 10 and macOS 10.15 and higher, 64 bit

Please regard that the only accepted payment method is PayPal.

Full version
69.- EURO

Please follow the purchase link above to buy a 5-digit activation code. After that you can activate Isola Pro FX on your computer by clicking on the shopping cart icon within the plugin where you have to enter this activation code. Finally you will get a license file which you have to load into the plugin by clicking on the unlock button.

Please regard that Isola Pro FX comes with a node locked license, it can only be used on the host where you have unlocked it. But surely it can also be migrated to another host, if you want to do this please contact us.

Returns and Refunds Policy

We do not issue refunds for digital products once the order is confirmed and the product and activation key is sent and has been activated.

We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products.

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Any questions?

Please contact us! We are looking forward to answer your questions.

If you are doubtful if Isola Pro FX will fit your needs, feel free to send us snippets of your song and we will send the extracted vocals or instruments back to you. So you can get a good impression about what is possible.