Isola Pro FX. Experience a new level in audio source separation in real time.

Isola Pro FX is an innovative and new audio plugin for separating audio input material into its components like vocals, instruments and even drums. Unlike many other products using simple left and right channel subtraction methods, this algorithm works in real time by using psychoacoustic analysis.

So the great advantage compared to state of the art products is the fact, that you can extract any feature you want out of a mix in real time. So the tool is not restricted to vocals only but can even extract single instruments like guitars from an audio mix.

Please note that the quality of the result depends much on the input material - with most songs, Isola Pro FX really works pretty good, but with very dense and noisy mixes with lots of instruments it will reach its limitations.

Isola Pro FX reveals new capabilities to you in creative audio processing:

  • Isolate vocals from songs where the original tracks have been lost and use them in new remixes.

  • Extract instruments like fast guitar solos out of dense mixes to learn the single notes.

  • Get the drum loops out of cool old songs and use them in new arrangements.

  • Use the frequency mode to create nice filter effects by automatising the center setting.

  • Feed noisy sounds into the plugin to use Isola Pro FX as a creative synthesizer in MIDI mode.

Please read also the user manual for a detailled description of the available functions.

Listen yourself! Isola Pro FX is able to...

Demo version.

The current release of Isola Pro FX R1.4 supports at least Microsoft Windows 7 and macOS 10.10 (64 bit) and comes as a VST3 (Windows only) and VST2.4 (dll) plugin. Please try the demo version before purchasing it and feel free to contact us if you experience any problems installing it.

The limitation of the demo version is, that it is working only for 30 minutes until the audio output will be silenced. The MIDI mode and the drum mix back mode is not available in the demo version.

If you are interested in purchasing Isola Pro FX and if you are doubful if it fits your need, feel free to send us a snippet of your audio material and we will extract the vocals or instruments so you can evaluate the result.

Purchase information.

Isola Pro FX R1.4

VST / VST3 plugin for Windows (at least 7) and macOS (at least 10.10, 64 bit)

Unlimited version
79.- EURO
179.- EURO

Please note: For purchasing you have to install the demo version to registrate your host. Please install it and click on the shopping basket icon within the plugin and you will be forwarded to the purchasing website containing the payment information.

Any questions?

Please contact us! We are looking forward to answer your questions.

If you are doubtful if Isola Pro FX will fit your needs, feel free to send us snippets of your song and we will send the extracted vocals or instruments back to you. So you can get a good impression about what is possible.